Since 2008

Founded by Koen Coppens. Always pursuing dreams and enjoying life. With a boundless curiosity for everything what is related to commerce and the human behaviour. For that reason I’m not ‘made’ to stick around for too long. On the other hand destined to be an interim manager! I thrive when I come across sky-high commercial ambitions. But also situations where an intervention is necessary.


In ’03 I got my Bachelor of Marketing and in ’10 I acquired a Business Master in Brand Management. I graduated with the master thesis ‘sales forces: brand builders in the rough or loose canons?’. In this thesis I demonstrate which leadership style is the most effective to transform your sales force to real brand builders.

Execution power

For the past fifteen years I have been able to help over 20 companies in 8 branches develop and execute their marketing and sales strategy. Paper can wait. And a strong strategy alone is seldom enough. Inspire, engage and create a commercial flow among the crew, characterizes my approach. Due to this approach a department will get commercial focus; the work becomes even more fun and better results are achieved!